The term Defense can be applied several ways, in a military aspect, in a legal aspect, in personality and even in network security. You can defend yourself or defend your country, defend your network or defend your case. Defense will come to play whenever something you value is at stake, if your reputation is on the line or if your kids are being attacked you first urge will be to defend it.

We defend our interest regularly during our everyday life. If it is not to our interest to buy from that greedy corporation we will select another brand, if we do not want to eat sushi we will suggest another place to our coworkers, even if we do not want to be stuck in traffic we will pick an alternate route.

Defense is another thing that is not culture based, some cultures might have one aspect of defense more prominently than the other. I. e. the USA have a big military branch so their militia defense is huge, but they might not have a big defense against capitalism. In Panama we hear a lot about workers defending their interest. about unions fighting for what they want and in this same way every country is going to have their own interests to defend against. 



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