Everyone loves recreational activities, these are the times when you can stop focusing on work and let your mind wander. Some people prefer to recreate outdoors and some rather watch a new netflix special. As in music or non-verbal communications recreations is something all cultures have in common and will practice on their own way.

Soldiers have recreational time to be out of base and head to strip clubs and bars, same with sailors and aircraft crews.  Astronauts have recreational hours to conduct their own research and play around in zero G’s. Recreational times is something that we use since we are little and slowly lessens while in adulthood and then expands again when retired.

I believe recreation is a part of our lives and is as important as having a job or an education. Recreational times are the ones we enjoy the most and where our most touching memories will be conceived. It is of crucial importance that we find time to recreate and do not let ourselves be overwhelmed by deadlines and expectations.



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