Rapa Nui (Exploitation)

Exploitation is a common everyday practice among civilizations.  Modern or ancient, we have always exploited our resources. Usually for economic or personal interest goals. Everybody talks about resource exploitation and its consequences and there are some organizations that try to do something about it, but the general population does not truly understand the consequences, or at least they don’t believe they will reach them.

Rapa Nui is an isolated island 2000 miles of the coast of Chile, some people also know it as Easter Island. Here, the first tribes after much success in their daily ceremonies and rituals decided to erect giant totems of rock (Moai) in order to celebrate the power of their ancestors and to represent them. In order to move this giant rocks the early Rapa Nui people had to cut down trees, shave their branches and use them as rolling platforms for transportation.  This practice continue for many years until the island was treeless. The early Rapa Nui civilization had exploited and exhausted a very precious resource and now had to face the consequences. Their civilization collapsed and the population was decreased to a very small group of inhabitants, who had to rebuild Rapa Nui and start over their society. Now Rapa Nui is a proficient and beautiful piece of paradise again, but the remaining Moai are still erect reminiscing their fallen past.

Contemporary exploitation is just as dangerous for our civilization and will take a higher death toll in this modern world unless we do something about it. People need to connect more with the outdoors and go expire more often, because it is not until you learn what is out there, that you get the feeling of a responsibility to care for it.



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